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Sie nannten ihn Spencer

Kinodokumentarfilm 2017, 122min

Epofilm, Departures Film, Buddy Lane Production

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THEY CALLED HIM SPENCER is the first feature length documentary film that dives into Bud Spencer’s multifaceted biography as well as the global phenomenon of the Spencer-Hill cult movies.

Carlo Pedersoli, better known as Bud Spencer, gets to the heart of his attitude towards life in his song “futtetenne” (fuck it). The mentality of this all-round talent is characterized by the courage to realize his dreams while enjoying life to the fullest.

Spurred by the message of his movies Spencer fans, Jorgo and Marcus set out on an adventurous road trip to get closer to their idol. Their journey evolves into scavenger hunt across Europe. En route they meet a number of Bud Spencer’s actor colleagues and companions.

The documentary viewer finds out how the cult surrounding Bud Spencer and Terence Hill is being lived out through the eyes of the two fan protagonists, and why the “Dicke mit dem Dampfhammer” as he is nicknamed in German, still inspires millions of fans throughout the world.

„Karl-Martin Polds SIE NANNTEN IHN SPENCER ist ein rührendes Abschiedsgeschenk,

welches verdeutlicht, was die Filme für eine weitreichende Bedeutung haben. Einer der besten Filme 2017"


Trailer - Sie nannten ihn Spencer

Trailer - Sie nannten ihn Spencer

Trailer - Sie nannten ihn Spencer